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Kaylas Poem

Kayla Hale
Daniela's Birthday
my best friend
Carlos Contreras
Brian's Life

Brian Lejeune
My Journey

Matthew Jones
Another brother, another family
This is me and my best friend Justin. We spent most of our time when we first met each other in high school.
Tuan Nguyen
Mike Looney IL Activity 1

Mike Looney
My Brother.
Gaston Blanco
Story of Zhang Lei

Lei Zhang
Sibling love...or Er Hate.

Kathryn Gailey
The Maturation

Nicholas Miksa-Golden
What Makes Me... Me.

Kale Golden
Through My Lens
This is the story of how I got here to Full Sail, from catalyst to climax. Enjoy!
Chris Holloway
Волшебный браслетик

Funerals Bring People Together
By Owen Boudreau
Owen Boudreau
Be Thankful

Maya Benway
You'll Always Have Family
Zachary (Red) Furbush T3 TIB
Zachary Furbush