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Dead Space and Me : My Story

Ace Space
Kenzie's life

Desmond Mckenzie
This is me.

Nathalia Reyes
The Annoying Girl Friend

Imani B.
The Final Fight !

Patrick Briscoe

David Cockrell
What Got Me to Fall in Love with Music : Concerts

Preston Freeman
My Long Journey

Charlie Núñez
Research is KEY

Cesar Abeleda

Ken Hirata
Heroism of James Bond

Sarah Halperin
My Dream

Duncan Grant
Χριστουγεννιάτικη κάρτα
Ευχές για τους φίλους μας
Parthena Ioannidou
My favorite pet
My favorite pet is a little puppy called Lottie~~~ >.<
Natalie Portillo Soto
My ideal bestfriend~~~~

Natalie Portillo Soto