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Caracas en un vistazo !!
La Sultana de El Ávila.
Ehrly Colmenares
Hungry for Lunch
The Story of a Bald Man
Derrek Elgarten
A Day Out With Friends

Joshua Freeman

prateek kelkar
The Title
Of a story
Christian Polanco
Love Hurts.

Sula Danielson
A normal walk home
When your about to go home but you realize this is due the next day
Josh Naso
A daily life of a gamer.
More like an hour.
Patricia Dobbins

Collin Davis
My beginning.
Slide Show
Beau Bowss
Returning Home

Mike Cabral
Malik Holloman First Concert Performance Story

Malik Thomas
Life of a Gamer
Killerkell 16
bike repair
by Liam Meers
Liam Meers
Dead Tired
Gettin' Coffee
Carson Eisen
Creative Presentation

Kevin Woo