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La Ropa Espanol 2- Grant Hilliard

Grant Hilliard
Can you handle the truth?

José Tartak
The Mysterious Creature

Samuel Vela
Pokemon Go Consequences

santiago meneses
steve in minecraft

sebastian salazar sanchez
Animatronics became humans
by: Laura Peña
Laura Esperanza Peña Perea
the aventure of space boy

Emotional Storytelling
The Super Deafy Movie
Katrina Smith
My Emotional Storytelling Presentation

Kyrin Alexander
It is not possible for civilization to flow backward while..

Dumitrita Lupusor
IL Activity #2 - Visual Story Telling pt2

Chris Johnson
By Armani Ross
Armani Be-Boomin
Intended hearing one song but sat threw the album
Time fly's when your listening to GOOD music
Derrick Singer
The Great Escape

Symone Liggons

Desmons Williams