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Relatório de Estágio de Docência
Experiência no ensino da língua inglesa no CEM Paulo Freire - Brasília/DF
Natália Costa
Sebastian Arteaga
Sebastian Arteaga
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Assigment 2 Diana Gamboa
Talk about my life nowadays, my last vacations and my plans and ambitions in the future
Diana Gamboa
Lancelot's story
Lancelot of the Lake
Maël Fierdehaiche-Perri
Unit 1 - Assignment 1
Personal information, present simple tense, past simple tense, future and going to
Nicole López Rodríguez
Il fiore della guarigione
Progetto CLIL - classe 4°A- IC "G.Marconi"- Castelfranco Emilia ( MO)
Licia Focci
My Story Book
My life
germy alejandro caicedo franco
The American Dream

Ethan Tran
My English Learning History
by Michel Araújo
Michel Araújo
My language learning history
Amanda Tiago
"Can German help me with English vocabulary?"
A phonetical comparison of vocabulary in German and English
Presentación. Curso Flipped Classroom
Ascensión Lastres
Ascension Lastres
My English Experience

Rebeca Rodrigues
My English Learning Process

Ana Xavier
My English Experience
Kelly Maria Evangelista