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Historia pewnego projektu w ramach programu Erasmus+
Mobilność kadry edukacji szkolnej
Bea Du
A daily life of a gamer.
More like an hour.
Patricia Dobbins
Make eTravelling possible!
Etwinning Project
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Where I am from

Jose De la Llana
When Hell Broke Loose

Matthew Burford
How Life goes by
My Life
Maurice V Joway
Places and Experiences That Led To My Artistry
Zach Galloway
Mitosis storybook
by: illyanna manderichio
illy m
Female genital mutilation: Beyond normality
We SHOULD talk about it
Viktorija Lipkaite
The Anime Manga Video Game Club
A Photojournalism Assignment by Christian Ciccarello
Christian Ciccarello
The story of my city
Photos of our city, Ilioupolis, from the past to the present.
Κατερίνα Γεωργοπούλου
El Gatio
El Gatio - Centro de Adopción Gatuna.
El Gatio Gatio
Mi Viaje a Madrid-España
Mary Banks Farmer
diet, project, clil, nutrition
Catherine Georgopoulou
Mashaylla Proyecto de mi Niñez

Mashaylla Peterson
Kiefer J
Kiefer J