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Check the type and size of the wheels. For example, in electric bicycles, the market has sizes ranging from 16 to 29.5 inches. Bicycles with wheels ranging from 16 to 20 inches are easier to handle and store and transport. Larger wheel sizes improve ride comfort and allow for longer journeys. In scooters, choose the wheel type that best suits your needs: tube, tubeless, solid, dimensions ... Optional equipment Bicycles can have additional equipment such as a rack, extra saddle, and personal handles, etc. While scooters can be linked to mobile applications that provide information about autonomy, speed, location ... Also, in some cases, vehicles have speed controllers or complex anti-theft systems. Vehicle weight If you have to carry a scooter or bike a lot, this is a factor to consider. Steel is cheaper but heavier, while aluminum is lighter and tougher. Battery type and autonomy Remember that the battery is a must in e-bikes. There are Ebike battery charger for bike